I would notice the money falling from the sky

Recently I stumbled upon a really neat series over at Psychology Today about the top ten coolest interventions in therapy. Unsurprisingly the Miracle Question made the list.

“Suppose tonight, while you slept, a miracle occurred. When you awake tomorrow, what would be some of the things you would notice that would tell you life had suddenly gotten better?”

The cool thing about this question is that is provides so much information. You can learn more about the issues that brought the client to seek help. You can get an idea about what success looks like for the client (which is a very tricky thing to measure). You can get an assessment of how realistic the client’s expectations for the future are.

Just by answering the question, the client is forced to visualize his life when he feels better. This is  a powerful intervention in itself!

This week I’m in Philadelphia for the National Association of School Psychologists annual convention.  I am participating in a 2-day workshop led by Dr. John Murphy (who is a big proponent of brief solution-focused counseling). We’ve spent a lot of time exploring the Miracle Question and discussing its versatility in therapy. Stay tuned for more on this topic!

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